Often we look at zombie apocalypses in one angle – when everything had already gone to shit. But every apocalypse has a start. And it's not always some massive disastrous event that everyone will notice and talk about in news. 

Sometimes it can start at some random apartment with a random guy after random drunk night with a friend. 

In this little piece of interactive fiction it is you who is going to deal with a first zombie ever... and clean up the mess that will be created by that encounter. 

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsShort, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Zombies

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It was really good! However, I think I've somehow missed an ending. Ending 2 is the one I'm missing, I think. Can anybody help me out?

Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it.

Well, Ending 2 is the easiest one, and you can even reach it three different ways... but it's nothing important, just another silly ending. 
But you can find it if you'll look for an exit in the bedroom ;)


Killed my best friend, got arrested, spread the plague. What a day!

Really like the writing style, it's a shame that the protagonist is doomed.

Yep, we miss such adventures in daily life :D

Well, the idea I had in my head that even if everyone will totally believe him... there is no way someone will find a cure so fast. The only thing I could really do — let the player avoid a bite and see how it goes from there. 

Thank you for your feedback!


I really don't like carol.

Oh my gosh! I couldn't expect that anyone will react on that small story at all (being pessimistic and stuff) but making a one-hour long walkthrough? That was very cool and I couldn't resist to watch it whole.

Mostly, I've seen the parts that were not clear or just annoying and tiresome (and some of this I thought I've fixed, but probably there was something with my last build uploading).

And I'm very sorry for this question mark on "Good ending". I know I would do the same as you and will look for GOOD ending, but the initial idea was that this story can't have a good ending because you can't scream "hey, I'm a zombie" and expect everyone will believe you. So yeah, technically Ending 5 is a good one because... you save the world from yourself! But there is no chance to save and yourself too and that is why it's not so good as you can expect. 

But... I will update this story with other branches at some point, because I've wanted to explore different ways for this to develop, and who knows where it will lead. But video of Danny should be a key asset at this point :D

Thanks for this video and for your time! It was fun to watch and to see player's thinking in action (especially when it leads to making right choices), and also to notice examples of my probably far from perfect English!